Tulsi Tea

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Tulsi Tea


Tulsi is often described with sacred words like “God”, “Goddess”, or “King”, and “Queen”. Legend describes the Tulsi plant as bridge between heaven and earth. Tulsi also known as “holy basil” is a very special type of tea that has been used in ayurvedic medicine for eons. The scientific name for tulsi is Ocimum Tenuiflorum. It has numerous health benefits, and practical uses for daily life. I drink tulsi tea every day and I will explain why in this blog. Go to 5D Minerals to see more details.



What is Tulsi


Tulsi tea is derived from the leaves and blossoms of the sacred tulsi (holy basil) plant. In India, it has been used for it’s healing properties for over 5,000 years. It more recently been made into herbal medicines, tinctures, and essential oils. The most common and easily ingested form of tulsi is tea.


There are three major types of the tulsi plant: Krishna, Rama, and Vana. Krishna Tulsi has purple leaves and blossoms and a spicy aroma. Rama Tulsi has green leaves and white flowers, a clove-like aroma, and a more mellow taste than Krishna Tulsi. Vana Tulsi has light green leaves and a citrus aroma and flavor. The Tulsi tea at 5D Minerals includes all three strains of the plant which gives our tea the greatest possible benefits and the best flavor of any other tulsi tea on the market that I have come across.



Tulsi Tea Benefits


Tulsi Tea boasts a long list of benefits such as stress reduction, weight loss, headache prevention, improved respiration, improved skin and hair, improved digestion, cardiovascular benefits, reduced fevers, dental and oral health, improved nervous system, combating arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.   



Tulsi Tea for Yoga


In my own experience, Tulsi has given incredible benefits to my yoga practice. First of all, drinking tulsi tea helps calm my mind which allows me to get deeper into my practice. The tea is great for digestion and weight loss, so it helps me to be my lightest version while I practice which is wonderful for all physical types of yoga like Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram Yoga.


The most evident benefit of this regularly drinking tulsi tea is that is improves respiration. It really opens up my air waves. The deeper I can breathe into each posture the more I can get out of it, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


I also regularly practice pranayama. Pranayama is an ancient practice where the practitioner focuses solely on breath. My teacher takes incredibly long breaths and hold seemingly unending retentions of his breath which can cause panic and unrest among students. Since tulsi tea is so powerful at improving respiration it makes the biggest difference to my life here. Now when I do pranayama, I am calm focused and relaxed, instead of feeling like I’m about to pass about. I recommend tulsi tea to all my yoga students and I recommend it you too.


To your health,

Jayson Barniske

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